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From Jennifer Tape Doh,
Hello Dear xxx

Good day to you and compliments of the day, I am sure that you will be
surprise to receive this letter from a complete strenger like me hence
my apology. I am contacting you due to the situation i am into. I am
Miss Jennifer Tape Doh, daugther of late Chief & Mrs.Lucien Tape Doh
of the Republic of Cote d Ivoire(Ivory Coast). My mother died when i
am little age and i am the only child. I lived with my father in
Abidjan city known as the economic capital of Cote D Ivoire the
largest Cocoa producing nation in Africa where my father had his
Agricultural business. My father is a wealthy cocoa and gold marchant
but unfortunately he was killed recently by his local business
associate during their business meeting in a hotel here. The death of
my father was planned by his wicked brother because he was greedy that
my father could use his wealths to cheat him in the family matters.

After my father s burial, the wicked uncle tookover my father s
properties as he believed that am too young to drag the properties
with him. I reported him to some people but they could not do anything
than to support him because he shared them some money to support him,
there is no justice therefore i decided to leave the properties for
him and run away because he put more pressure on me and he wants me
dead for him to be satisfied. I am presently hiding somewhere around
the country where he can not see me, meanwhile i want to relocate to
your country for my life sake and in order to further with my

My purpose of contacting you is that i want you to help me to transfer
the sum of five Million two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars
(USD5, 200,000.00) which my father left in a suspense account with a
bank here in the country with my name as the next of kin as his only
child. My father got the money from his agricultural business in my
country. He told me about the money before he died, and he advised me
to invest it in foreign country for my future. I am the only person
that knows about the money in my family. There are some condition and
agreement which my father signed with the bank during the deposit, for
that reason, the bank director want me to appoint my guardian to the
bank to claim the money otherwise the bank will hold the money until i
reach 25 years old as one the agreement.

Now that my wicked uncle is after my life and i don t want him to know
about this money so i decided not to choose any person in my country
for guardianship. This is why i contact you for you to be my gaurdian
towards the transfer of this money and investments in your country. I
want you to be my help for me to appoint you to the bank as my
guardian so that the bank will transfer the money into your account
over there and immediately after the transfer i will get my visa
ticket to meet you over there and stay there to further with my
education while you invest the money for me into lucrative investments
like real estate or hotel business.
I will be glad to give you 15% of the total money as reward for your
assistance and as far as we are in good relation we can share the
profits of the investments. This transfer can be completed within
7-days as the banker told me. I assure you this project is risk-free.
Please reply to my email address immediately for further details,
Thanks and God bless you,
Jennifer Tape Doh.
Hello xxx,
Good day to you,
I am very glad to hear from you. I would want to explain this transaction to you for a more understanding of my situation here. God bless you. Am willing to offer you 15% to quicken the transfer.
I would appreciate you to bring out your full mind in respect to this transaction. The fund will be transferred to your account and there will be no problem. This transaction is 100% risk free and legal. The money is my inheritance from my late father and The bank here knows that it is inherited from my late father and can give reference(s) anywhere in the world if there is need to do so. I just want to leave this country because I have suffered lots of humiliation from my immediate uncles, because they want to inherit everything my late father acquired, as a respect to the long aged inheritance tradition here in Africa . If a man dies without a son, all his properties will be shared amongst his immediate brothers and family. Even if the man has two or three daughters, nobody wants to know as long as there is no boy among them. I also believe that this is the main reason why my father deposited the fund in the bank and mandated the bank to effect transfer to a foreign account which will be provided by me, been the next of kin to the deposit.
Here is my full legal names and my father s personal details for your reference(s).

My name and address:
Miss Jennifer Tape Doh
12 Pb Cocody, Abidjan, Cote D Ivoire, west Africa,Abidjan,
Cote D Ivoire

My father:
Official adresse:
Tape Doh Agent & Co., Ltd. (Cote D Ivoire)
address: 225
12 Pb Cocody, Abidjan, Cote D Ivoire Africa. , Abidjan, Abidjan, Cote D Ivoire
Cote D Ivoire

Sales: US$50 Million - US$100 Million
Employment: 101 - 500 People
Markets: Eastern Europe, Western Europe
Sector category: Corporation/Limited Liability Company
Products: Cocoa, Rice, Bean, Cassava, Supply
Products/Services : Cocoa, Rice, Bean, Cassava, Supply...

office address.
cocoa trade company
cocody block 45
Abidjan, Ci 225
Cote d Ivoire

As I explained above, the bank is undergoing through legal processes and that is why they are waiting for me to provide an account where the fund will be transferred according to my father s mandate. Please do not worry yourself for anything as everything is legal, pure and 100% risk free. I am a young girl that has a bright future and wouldn t do anything that will jeopardize my future. I do not want anything illegal in my life, so be rest assured that everything will be concluded with transparency, understanding and sincerity between both of us.
In as much as I need your assistance in the fund transfer, I will also want to live with you and continue my life as soon as the money is transferred to your account. I will leave here immediately to join you as soon as you confirm the money have arrived your account. But the most important thing is my inheritance because it is a huge amount of money, and as my future depends on the money. I am suffering so much here and have no source of income since all my father s estates and properties have been shared amongst my uncles. They do not have knowledge of the money in the bank because it was deposited in a "suspense account"
Please I would also want you to give me a break down on the kind of investment opportunities in and around your country as I rely so much on your advice in this regard.
Thanks for your efforts and readiness to assist me out of this present situation.
God bless you abundantly.
With her loving arms