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Thanks for written me on my personal email address, i will love to know more about you and see your picture, send me your picture so can know you and other information about your self.

So i can send you my too, welcome to my world.
Hello dear xxx,
how are you, work and life, am very happy to hear from you, even your further explanation about your self, thanks for your picture you look good and simple.

Am from Africa, 21 years of age, never marred, Student, I love reading, watching movies and making good friends, i will love to know your intention towards me and the type of relationship you will love to have.

I am sending you my picture for you to have a very good look at me and know if am okay for you, am looking for a man who will be there for me, love me for whom i am, cherish the woman in me and i will love him like a verging seed, i will build my world around him, the hospitality in me will make him happy, the best in me will be okay for him because i know my seance of honor and my ability to take care of whom i will call my husband.

I have friends online but non of them have write me an email with a good explanation like the way you did, at your second email to me and am very very happy about that, if destiny, nature and love have design for us to be friends or husband and wife, i will never be against it. but i have to be sure that the man am going out with or whom am to called a wife to, really love me, because men are not always the way they talk.

Am very happy to meet you and i will be waiting to know more about your relationship life and the best way to run this affair.

Take good care of your self if not for anybody at list for me. have a nice time.