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hello here is my pictures for you and im looking forward too hear from you again
hello heins im so happy to read this lovely message of yours i can say you might be a wonderful person to have as a future partner or a partner for life.well let me start by telling you about name is kyei Ebenezer that s a name given to me by my grandma,but the name is betty bruce.dada is a white man from south Africa thats where i was born.i move with mom to Canada when my parents got separated.i came back to south Africa when dad fell sick.i work in a humanitarian height is 1.63m and weigh breast size is single lady never been married and but i love the past marriage life of my parents.i love sex as it part of life but single im single i use my dildo to satisfy myself whenever im feeling horny.i want to be in love no matter how long the distance might be i believe love conquers all so if you are serious as i am we can get more intimate and more serious so we can make our dreams come true with love of love and understanding.don t have more to say but if there is anything you would love to ask i will be glad to answer.take care