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Thanks for the mail, I want you to know first before anything that i am a Christian but i dont criticize other people s believe or religion and i have tried as much as possible never to allow my relationship with God to affect my romance life in any way whatsoever. I was born in, USA. Due to the nature of my Job, i have lived in most part of US especially Michigan I reside in USA, before i left for Africa.

I will love to share the intimate side of me with someone willing to do the same, this are the things i feel you should know about me: I am 28 year Old, I like going to beaches, musical concerts and attend church services. I also love cooking. Presently i am in Africa at the moment, Nigeria to be precise, i have come here to do a 2 weeks fashion modeling for a new bikini producing company in Nigeria and the 2 weeks is even over. I will be back to USA, anytime from now probably in a couple of days or perhaps i can even relocate to where ever you are.

I am Still Single, Still Searching for a man that will make me happy till the end of my life. You can get back to me, If you think we can have a chance together. I attach some of my pictures, so you can have a better idea how i look like. I will send more pictures later when you reply. But, honestly, I think that the inside beauty is much more important than how people look, isn’t it?
Hello,long time sorry for delay your replaie

Thanks for your reply, i really like it I think i like your personality, I have to tell you all about me, I have never tell anybody on the dating site details about me, I am telling you everything about me because i feel we have something in common and we share the same view about relationship, Both of us are on the dating site to find our soul mate. i am single i am ready for married i don t have kid yet but i want kids

I lost my parent in an Auto Crash Accident. I have been without parent for about 10 years now. I was 16years when the death of my lovely parent happened. After the death of my parents, I stayed with one of our far relation who was then before her death a model costumer. She was the person that introduced me to modeling and i even learn costuming and woman hairdressing from her, that was how i started doing some local modeling plus costuming for models.

I later met a childhood friend of mine who told me that a modeling promoter approached her, that he need a model that can travel to Africa. My friend wanted to do the Job, but fortunately for me, my friend could not make the trip because it was during the process that she met the man of her life on wdate and to my surprise, It was not long at all before they got married and i was really happy for them. It was her case that got me convinced that this wdate dating really work.

Fortunately enough, I was picked, that was how i followed the man down to Nigeria to do some modeling job on the company s new product.

Hope to read from you again, I think it is better we keep contact through mails till i get back.

I will be back soonest..
hi my love long time try to get back to me