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hi edward
how are u aud ur family hope cool thanks for contacting me i am greatfull pls can u tell me about ur sef
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What is that???????

hi what do u mean ///

I m looking for a warm-hearted, compassionate men to spend, share, grow, and enjoy the rest of my life with. In the meantime, I am ready and excited to do the dance and have some fun in the ritual of discovery of other people. I m NOT looking for casual sex. I want it to be meaningful in my life now. This is not a line, just part of the growing up part. I m not immune to the scent of a woman but these are my honest clear intentions. I want someone meaningful in the act.Because i am here for a men who is career driven and has a direction they know and want to follow. he should be able to express his emotions about work, family, life and anything else. he should be able to laugh at the jerks who get him upset if anything like comes up and appreciate today and not worry about tomorrow. I m looking for a men who isn t afraid to get caught in the rain and may actually enjoy the soft rain drops on their body, The right man is out there for me and I am his right woman, it s what we are all looking for on here, right? If you would like to meet then e-mail and we will start a new chapter of our adventure together in life. Well, this is new to me as is this dating thing, but nothing ventured nothing gained, right ? I must admit this does feel a little awkward talking about yourself as if your placing a ad!. Seriously though, I m just trying something new. I know the person I am meant to be with is out there. I am not into the bar thing so this seemed like a logical option given my current situation.I m looking for the man of my dreams. I m looking for someone who is serious about commitment. Someone attractive, faithful, affectionate, passionate, romantic and kinky. With a good family values, Yet is willing to explore and to find a closer more intimate relationship. No lies, games, or materialistic people. I want a open, honest, long, lasting, committed relationship, with a partner I can grow old together with.I believe a successful relationship requires both individuals to put 100% effort into it. Both must also be able and willing to engage in meaningful conversation, and be able to express their deepest feelings. Surface talk I can do with anyone, and I want more.The man I have been praying for will be strong,spiritual, hard working & loving.

Tell me more bout yourself and ?ell send you more of me when I hear back from you..I like an often communication ..How often do you come online?.
I wait your urgent respond.

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Hi Eddy,

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