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Well thanks for replying me very soon ...well am Anita 33yrs single with no kids and looking for a man to spend the rest of my life very honest caring faithful and trust and a little about what am looking for in a man .... I am looking for a special, loving relationship with a unique Man who is affectionate, Handsome, with a shapely figure, sincere, easygoing, with interests and characteristics similar to mine...someone who wants a meaningful, serious, long-term relationship...not just a few dates. I am an honest heart that s looking for a stable relationship. I understand it is important to lay down lasting foundations for a lasting relationship. I am an active person who enjoys cycling and running best. I believe keeping fit is important. I am not interested in games or drama.......I am looking for someone who believes that a true intimate partner looks out for the other and vice versa. While navigating life together, we are caring and concerned for each other s well-being because we make each other so happy and we love each other very much. Looking for a serious long term relationship with someone who posesses strong character and is goal-oriented. He must love the Lord with all of his heart,then I know he will love me with all his heart.....Well and this a little about me I love poetry, books, walks on the beach and cozy candlelight dinners. I enjoy movies, television, music, traveling, the desert, the quietness of the mountains, the ocean, sunrises and sunsets.
I am comfortable in jeans or a nice english suit. A nonsmoker/drinker, not into drugs (don t need them; I live in a natural high). I believe in enjoying the good life and am high on it. I have a healthy attitude about God and the Bible.
Im a very outgoing person, who loves to dine out travel and enjoy the simple life. Im a hopeless romantic and very affectionate. I have a good sense of humor and I like to make you laugh.....Am willing to know more about you too and have to close the latter for now take care and bye for now can also add me on
Hello dear
Am also very happy you wrote back well and thanks for your compliment also hoping this good communication will bring something better between us, well don t also worry about your English it okay for me ...for me am not living on my own am living with my father and younger brother....Well that sound good you willing if a lady to come there to live with but first we have to know more about each other and build trust and love between us before....Well you don t have to lose hope you have to confident in the God and one find your true love....Trust, loyalty and respect are a must for eternal happiness. No matter how much you love someone if you don t have these ingredients you will never succeed.
To be in love means being patient but to be patient you must trust him/her first.You can never find love through the eye or ear, so you must trust the only thing that will never fade until you die, your heart....Love is like trust, when you find your special someone it is as if you re trusting them with your heart.Trust is what you put in someone s hands......... Faith is what you hold on to.
Trust is what makes everyone realize that you are always there for them. Faith is what makes everyone realize that you are always there to help them in case they need some help Love makes not everyone, but the only one in your life who is special, think that you are always there for her, to be with her, to make her realize how much you really love her.
Without honesty, love gets unhappy, and without trust, love gets unstable.Love is a wonderful gift; trust in it, believe in it, give it, and it will be returned to you to give again and again.....Well thanks for allowing me to ask you some question from my heart, hoping you will answer all for me.
1.How many Girlfriends you had before?
2. Do you know what went wrong in your past relationship(s)?
3. Do you know what you want in a new partner?
4.Do you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol or do drugs?
5.How many brothers and sisters etc. you have?( How big is your family?)
6. What s the year you were born and how old you are?
7. What types of music or movies or TV Shows you like?
8. What is your goals or dreams in life?
9. What do you dream about at night?
10. What s your favorite foods & drinks?
11. Can you drive a vehicle?
12. What s your religion?
13. What languages you speak?
14. Are You left or right handed?
15.Are you financially stable?
16. Are you intelligent and smart and educated with common sense?
17. What s your turn on s and turn offs?
18. Do have any sexual transmitted diseases?
19. Do you any tattoos and body piercings?
20. What is your favorite Position in Sex?
Have to close the latter for now and hoping to hear from you again bye for now and take good care of yourself

many hugs