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Hello My dearest,

Thanks for your respond, but before we proceed I will like us introduce and pray by the will of God we can start from here. I am Dr. Janet Mukoki Andrew, am 35 years woman High 5.7ft Weight 70 kg Origin Republic of Haiti in the Caribbean, and I married here in London but incidental I m widow since Six months left alone with one girl Amanda who s 4 years old I am Professional Doctor I speak English. My Physical appearance as you look at my attachment current photos .

Since the death of my beloved husband Mr. Mukoki Andrew from Republic of ZIMBABWEA, his wicked family are against me and my daughter. No one of them want to see me in their family because they told my husband not to marry me initially because it was against their culture to marry black woman in their family, but my husband refused their cultural rules because of love his love for me, we did our marriage successfully without their support.

My dearest, I v been shedding tears since I lost my beloved husband because of their wicked acts towards me and my Daughter and this lead my memory back to my lost people during the Haiti earthquake when I was in medicine education. So after the death of my husband, his family has been planning to claim all my husband treasures and wanted to send me away from my husband residence, saying that their primitive culture don t partake any portion with female as my daughter is female and I m regretting why i did not do court wedding but I have sued them to the court of law. My dearest, regarding my situation now, that is why I decided to search for honest person whom I can open my secret to because I don t want to involve any friends in this matter because they have set some of my friends to know my plans and am afraid of friends here as one of my best friend Antonia betrayed me, so I don t want any friends issue to avoid the attention of this family towards my secret plans.

Only God, knows I love this family but because of their wicked acts I decided to search for a stability country with honest person where I can relocate and establish my new life with my daughter. So my Dearest, try to forgive me if I just felt this trust without minding or seen you face to face but I will do my best to plan my trip to your country so we can meet face to face. As you can see there is no trust in this Internet because there a lot of scams and fake man but i did this trust to you because among all my search God directed my communication to you. Please, if this proposition offends your moral values, please do accept my apology, because I want to do some thing fast before it is late to avoid my regret with this family, this is why I m searching for honest person who I can trust as my foreign partner then I will permit him to my late husband foreign account and you will communicate with the bank manager and get the funds transferred into your own bank account pending my arrival to meet you in in your country. The total amount of (SIX MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS) from my late husband foreign account in a reputable Bank which i will give you more details in my next mail, into your account for the International Development Institute of my daughter and I plus I am willing to give you 20% and of the total amount and 5% mapped out for any expenses that might occur during this transaction. I instructed the bank to create an ATM VISA CARD OR MASTERCARD to load up all the money in the ATM VISA CARD OR MASTERCARD to avoid involving your bank and for swift transaction.

Note, He deposited this amount when he was Logistic officer diplomatic missions of the Africa Union, and he told me that his family don t know about this deposit because he deposited under the International Development Institute for AMANDA and I am with all the documents now, so I am happy that no one knows about this deposit here in Great Britain. and I have discussed about this transfer with the bank manager, and he agreed to help, so he need my Partner s immediate contact or letter to their bank to enable them process the transfer immediately to your account. As I m writing to you now the case is pending on August 31, 2018 at the High Court of Justice London United Kingdom, apparently they succeed based on their culture constitution, it means they will be entitled to the deposit and properties and chase me a way empty with my daughter. Please my Dearest, I will be happy to know you more with your current photo and your full identification to enable me send the bank contact and my late husband account information to you and to permit your contact or your communication to the bank for them to start the immediate transfer before the court date.

I am waiting urgent for your reply and your full information like; your full name, phone number and date of birth and your photos to enable me permit your contact with the bank manager for the immediate transfer before our next court date and before my arrival to your country. God bless you as you help a helpless widow

From Your Beloved,
Dr. Janet

I want to use this time to express my profound gratitude for all you have done for me when i was suffering, your calls, your words of encouragement and also your support throughout my stay, i traveled to Africa ( Senegal to be precisely) and realized that i have to show my appreciation to you for standing by me even-though the transaction did not work successfully, so dear i want to let you know that i have something i handed over to a bank manager at united bank for Africa (U.B.A) which has branches almost all the African countries, i kept with them an ATM card that contains $350,000.00 (three hundred and fifty thousand united states of American dollars) and a bag of gold, laptops, wrist watches and jewelries etc, i want you to contact them with this email address ( and with this phone number +2217087423421) they will direct you on how to get the parcel, have a wonderful week, as soon as you contacted them try to let me know, God bless you amen..

Yours Lovely Friend,
Dr. Janet Mukoki Andrew