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Hello dear,

I m happy to hear from you. Actually, I am in a hiding place far from my
house because, I fear my evil relatives who killed my father. I have
contacted you for urgent assistance, as I told you in my first message. I
need someone honest and serious to help me out of my current situation. It
is true that we still do not know each other well, but I believe that, as
long as we keep in regular contact, we will know each other better forever. I m
not so good at talking about myself, but feel free to ask me everything you
want to know about me, I ll be happy to answer you.
Here are some details about me;

Name: Miss. Doumbia Fatim
Date of birth: 07/31/1998
occupation Student
Current residence: Good news Ministry
Address: NO.17 Nougles Avenue, Bassam district,
City: Abidjan,
Country: Ivory Coast.

I want to know more about you to present you as my assistant at the bank
where the fund is deposited.

Your full names
Your phone numbers

As soon as you receive your information when you request it, I will send
you the contacts of the bank where the fund is deposited. I want to trust
my inheritance in your hands, I hope you do not disappoint me. Let s do
everything with one mind and we will surely succeed by the grace of
Almighty God.

Have a nice day and be blessed

Miss. Doumbia Fatim