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Hi Janiek, this is Amy from the AFF. i am glad you allowed to contact you privately. this means we can get on to know each other better. please if you can read this and recognize who is talking, then please respond soon and let me know what is up... take care and get back to me soon..
kiss kiss
Hello Dear Janiek,

it is really beautiful to read from you and to know that much about you. i love this so much,
because i think it would drive us more towards more intimacy. You re kind and i love that.
Also let me say thank you for your nice pictures, lest i forget.

i can perfectly understand your English, so don t worry. All that is important is for you to also
understand me, so there would be effective communication.

I was glad when i watched your profile on the dating site, and i thought i would just hook you
up and see that could lead to. I am really new to the internet way of looking for my life partner.
I was more seeking physically, but my previous relationship experience which was so bad, led
me to going online a few weeks ago to look worldwide, and i am feeling lucky to have communication from
Germany - with you. I was in a relationship for 5 years and i was hoping to see it open up to a marriage
relationship, but it never was realized, as my ex-boyfriend went crazy by stealing from me and running way.

I live in the North-West part of the city called Edmonton close to the Saskatchewan river, and this is where
i have lived most of my life. however, i went to college
in Calgary which is not very far from here. i had a college diploma and worked from 2003 to 2008 as the secretary in
the city branch of a telecom company here in Edmonton. i lived here with my parents until 2008 when i lost them both to a
motor accident. since then, i ve been living all my life alone because i was the only child for them and
i do not have any family. That makes me want to get married and start a family soon, so that i can feel a lovely
family around me again. I was never married and i have no kids, but yes, i would gladly love to get married and start
that family now..hahahaa.

I do not work currently, but i do have good intentions to start my own investments in real estates. I m only waiting to get settled
with my partner first, and then i would know which is the best location to start anything. I m not picky about locations, i would
settle in any part of the world, and i yes Germany is not an exception. I ve never been to Europe though. I would glad love to visit,
get to know you more physically and if possible, settle down there. How is it like for a foreigner to be in Germany?
I understand the language is different. So i mus learn that ,right? Not a problem because i am a fast learner. I would gladly
move in to your house if we meet and are happy with each other.

I m a very romantic person and i love to touch, kiss, cuddle, have orals, have romantic conversations, have romantic
dinner with candle lights, have romantic walks at the beach and more. I love to swim, to go fishing/boating, to grill fish and eat them...hahahaa
i also love to play golf, to run/walk for exercising, cooking lots of cuisines, gardening and also watching movies and music. i love fashion,
business and tourism. my aspiration is really to start a restaurant business and also do real estates, when i am settled down and
have partners to do this.
Before i bore you o much, let me say god byre, take care and get back to me soon. I have really enjoyed talking to you and
knowing you more. Take care..

Hello Janiek,
Thanks for your lovely mail and the hot picture which got me sparked up so much...mmmhhhh.. it s been a long time since i ve been aroused romantically like this..hahaa..

i have read your emails again and again, and i feel like you re an incredibly upfront, straightforward, honest and confident gentleman, and i surely would like to know you, get closer very soon and see the possibility of getting a union and starting a family, because i can see we both have the same aspirations to live a family life now. We both have a lonely lifestyle now, and wow! i cannot wait to see you for real.

My parents used to work around the world buying gold and diamonds from Europe, Australia and Africa. They owned a small mines in the affrica region which they operated until 2008. now it is closed down and i have the inheritance so i have been planning to visit it, see it, find out its current value and then put it up on sale. This means i will be traveling there soon to see it, and that gives me the possibility to visit Germany, after that trip. So i think it is just right and i can visit Germany in a few weeks times, see you for real, experience you and be part of you for sometime. when we both decide to go ahead, then we could also look at the possibility for me to move there permanently and my investment opportunities there.. i was never in Europe, but i bet you, i will love so much to come through.
Yes it would be best to sit next to each other, watch our emotions, our thoughts, our weaknesses and our strengths and how we can get a better life... all by looking in each other s eyes and communicating one-on-one.

Take care my dear Janiek and please stay in touch because now you know that it is possible for me to visit you soon in Germany.. So you will show me around and make me happy right? hahahaaa
Have a nice weekend...
kiss kiss
Hello my dear Janiek,
It is heart-warming to read from you again and also find such a hot picture underneath. You look like a very romantic man and i love that because i am very romantic too.
Yes, my trip to Africa will be very soon, and it is just to see the mines and get a few information about it so that i can sell it later. I am thinking of doing my own business when i sell that mine, so i will also look at the possibility to settle in Germany and what investment opportunities are there. I will spend about 5 days over there in Africa, in a country called Ghana, and then i would fly direct to Germany. I will tomorrow to ask about what i need to travel to Germany, because i have never been in that part of the world.
I love garden work too. My father used to own a garden here in the backyard, but i am not able to keep it after his death. Now it is just grass and flowers, but very nice. It is great to cultivate your own vegetables and fruits. Please keep in touch and let s continue with this plan, and i hope that you will host me well in Germany. What is the name of the city you live in?? I hope that it will be so lovely to live there, because i would not hesitate to move there permanently and live the rest of my life there, if we decide to marry each other and live together.. I want to makes kids anytime sooner. So what work do you do? Do you also like to take a long walk, or do anything to exercise? Would we go swimming? fishing? Tell me some of he things we could be doing when i am with you..
Take care, my dear Janiek, and please stay in touch with me.. kisses and warm hugs from your sweet Amy.
Hello dear Janiek,
i have not heard from you since the last time i sent you an email. i really hope that you re fine and that i have not said anything wrong to put you off. Please take care of yourself, but talk to me soon if you re still interested in getting to know me well. Warm regards,
i won t ask whay i have not been honest about.. but it s okay. go