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Hello Darling,
Good morning my dear,
How are you dear? Hope is everything okay? I am writing to appreciate your effort to contact me and let you know that I will be very happy to be your friend not only for friendship, but try to establish a strong bond of relationship that distance, race, religion and belief can not influence. I do not want to say forget about me, my country and the background, like and dislike and wish you to tell me more about yourself and where you come from.
My name is Adowa Kumi Akusua, I m only 28 years from Ghana and working with the Health Service, but now working in northern Ghana and lives alone ....... Now, my hobbies, I like swimming, dancing, cooking, meeting people, going to stand for social activities, as well as the music I like love songs mostly west life song, Elvis Presley and Leonel Richie R & B, jazz and hip, I 5 8feet the weight on top with 74 pounds, are very sociable and I have very good girl. I want to know more about you, like and dislike, your hobbies and what you are doing currently.

I want to know more about you, I m always serious with my work, I like the kitchen that is a function of a woman, I sent my picture and I hope you like it, I took when I was in South Africa. Tell me what you like and dislike, hobbies, what interest you and others as you want. my dear, I expect to hear from you soon, and I d also like to see your photos. Waiting to hear from you soonest.

Have a nice day
Hi My Dear Peter,

Thanks a lot for your long and lovely mail to me...I am hoping that you are doing all the best of health as i am also doing down here....... I am very much glad to hear more about you..... i think it is one way we can get to know our selves well........ I really like you and would lo0ve to get closer to you..... I have never been to Germany before but i would be very much happy to meet you very soon in Germany, i hope you would also like will be so much happy to meet you. I am sorry that i have not reply to your mail.... we went to a nearby town to treat them with malaria and that is why i have not been able to reply to you....but right now i am free and i think we can continue now......You can ask me any questions that you want and i will answer you sweetheart. Bye for now.

Hear from you soon.
Kisses to you.


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