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Hello there...Its was nice exchanging mail on the dating site and i think is a good idea for switching to our private emails.I hope through here we can get to know each other much better and hope something good may come out from it as what both of as are seeking for.I just want to first send u this mail to check if i got your email correct or not.So i look forward to hear from u soon if i did got your address correct.
With much regards,bye and take care.

Dear xxx

I am very glad to hear from u again and i would

like to thank u very much for the mail.Its nice to

know something small about u and what u are looking

for. I can say we do have somethings in common

because i am also looking for the same thing as u

are too.I am looking for a long term relationship

that can lead to marriage.I am very honest person

and its always good to tell the truth.I have been

in a relationship that was leading to marriage but

we broke up because the man was cheating on me by

going after other women.So ever since then i have

never dated any man again and i have been alone for

about 3 years now.

Anyway,i am single, never married before and have

no kids.I am kind, loving, caring, good heart,

passionate and i am free to anybody.I don t smoke,

drink or use any bad drugs and don t gamble too.I

like to watch sports and sometime take part in the

once i can play search as, volley ball, basket

ball, and others.I like swimming to keep fit and

eat healthy.

For my background, i am half Danish and half

African. My mother is an African and my dad is an

American but stayed in Denmark and that s where he

met my mother.Unfortunately for me i did not got

the chance to meet my father because he left my

mother while she was pregnant and never return

back again up to now. So from there things were not

good for my mum so she let us move from Denmark to

my mother s hometown.So at the moment i am living

with my mum in her hometown Africa but i registered

on the site when we visited Denmark.

By the way i think u now know very much about

background.I am looking for a serious man for a

serious relationship that will lead to marriage.No

matter what is the age and distance between us

won t be a problem because all that is needed is

love.Age is just a number so that one too won t be

a problem.I would like to get married and settle

down with my husband and our children if God give s

us some.That has been my dream for some time now

and i hope as i read from your word u are a good

man and if u are the one to forfull my dreams.Lets

see what the near future brings to us.

I would like to end my mail here and i look forward

to hear from u again.I have attach a pic of me and

i hope u will like it.Sorry for keeping u waiting

for my mail okay.

Bye and take care,with much regards.