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Hello xxx,
I hope you are doing so great today too.I thank you so much for your mail and i am so glad to see your mail in my in box.I will tell you more about me in this mail and i will like you to tell me more about you in your next mail OK.

My name is Selina as u know and i am 30 years old.I am loving caring and a romantic lady.My mom is a Ghanaian and my dad is an American.I was born in the state and my mom came to Ghana when i was 5 years old.So i stayed with my dad all my life in the Unites State.New York City,New York,Adams.

Is three years ago that my dad died and i am now in Ghana with my mom.I have been in Ghana for almost a years and i work with UNICEF as their assistant information manage over here.

I m new in this site and i am looking for a one woman man to be with for the rest of my life.I just need a man who will make me happy in life and will never deceive me.I will end here and seek a reply from you if you are interested then we continue to know each other more.I cant wait to read from you again telling me more about you and how long you have been in this site.Take Care
Hello xxx,
I hope you are looking good and doing good again out there.I thank you so much for your mail and in fact i am so glad to hear from you.I really love your pictures and not leaving even one of them out.I love all of them.And you don t even have to pardon me for your English because you write very good English.Though you said you did not do much English at school.[haha]

xxx according to what i read in the mail you send me,you have all the qualities that i am looking for in my man.I have notice kindness in you and i will the most happiest woman in this world if i have you as my man.As i told you at the site,I am looking for a man who is kind,loving and roman to be with for the rest of my life and i think you are going to be my Mr.RIGHT.I am one man woman and i am looking for one woman man.

I want a man who is going to love me all my life and build a healthy family with this man.I will like to come to you in Germany if you want me to,but as you know is soon tat we met and i hope you will agree with me to know each other for sometime.

About SEX,I love to have sex and i am so romantic....I have been in a relationship before when i was in the State.Is 4 years now.I loved this guy with all my heart and he always promise never to deeive me and he will go for no woman after me.But i later find out that he was having another woman and he he never told me.This pained me a lot that i decided not to be in any relationship again in my life.But i was when i came to Ghana my Mom have been advising me that i am a woman and i need to marry and build a family with my man.So i was going through the internet and i saw this site and i put a try.Fortunately i met you and i think you are the man i am looking for all my life.

xxx,once again i said i am one woman man and i will be so glad if you can stop using the site,so that we can continue and build a great trust between us.I will be so glad if you can do this for me.I will like you to give me your personal cell phone number so that i can call you and we can talk on the phone OK.I will end here and look forward to hear from you.

Greetings from Ghana
Hello xxx,
I hope you are doing so great today too.Is morning here and i am sending this mail to say Good Morning and ask how you are doing.Though i hope you are doing good.

xxx i will like you to send me a mail as soon as you see my mail because i always rejoice in my heart when i see you mail in my in box.I cant wait to read from you my love.Take Care and have a nice day.Don t forget to send me your cell phone number when you send me a mail. Hugs and Kisses